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Featuring options tailored to your requirements and double/extra cab variants, our Deluxe Smooth Series Canopy is an expertly crafted, impact-resistant extension of your vehicle that offers secure storage for tools, gear and supplies. Handmade from one fibreglass shell, this strong and dependable canopy is the perfect solution.


Lift-up Window

Enjoy the convenience of the beloved lift-up window of the Deluxe Smooth Canopy. Perfect for a variety of lifestyles, the lift-up windows make accessing your bed a breeze. When opened, they offer protection from the rain while you work out of your ute and lock securely with one key that works for both the side windows and the rear door.


Sliding Window

Ideal for pet owners, the Sliding Window offers airflow and fly mesh as standard. Upgrade to security mesh for a safe, well-ventilated space for your furry friend. It features UV-resistant ABS plastic and is designed for maximum strength and durability, so you can be sure your pet is safe and secure.


Combo Window

The 3XM Deluxe Smooth Canopy is designed for optimal usability; it features a lift-up window on the curb side and a sliding window on the opposite for excellent ventilation and easy accessibility. This canopy system is especially beneficial for pet owners and roadside workers, ensuring maximum safety with access to tools and shelving only available from the curbside.



Deluxe Canopies are composed of a 5mm thick, impact-resistant shell, crafted by combining glass fibre and a polyester resin base.


AA 1mm gel-coat provides an exterior for this canopy that is UV-resistant, with a smooth texture and a high-gloss finish


Certified according to Australian Design Rules, this heavy-duty Crown Canopy has a maximum load capacity of 100kg



A range of customisable options, such as Air Vents, Security Mesh and an Interior Light, are available to optimise the Deluxe Smooth Canopy.



Each Crown Canopy is meticulously crafted to fit the exact contours of the vehicle model.


Deluxe Canopies have been designed and manufactured from our head office in Hamilton for over 30 years.



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