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Holden RG Colorado 2012-2018 tailgate seal kit

Holden RG Colorado 2012-2018 tailgate seal kit

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Holden RG Colorados 2012 - 2018
Suitable for both tub liner and non-tub liner.

Will Not suit Late 2017-Onwards Models

The Tailgate has changed & the seal kits are super tight on newer models.
You can use them but the tailgate will be extremely tight to close until the seals are bedded in.

*Please note when using this system with the Grunt strut system you will need to make a small modification to the seal to accommodate the strut (this will not affect the sealing when done correctly as it will seal against the body of the strut)*

  • Keeps ute tub free from water, dirt, dust, and other road debris
  • Kits available to suit most makes and models
  • Fills the gap between the ute tub and the tailgate
  • Made from extremely durable EPDM rubber for long-lasting service life
  • Adheres with the 3M automotive tape for a quick, safe and secure installation without drilling
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